Names J Regan Music started for me first when i was 13 my father pasted away i wrote a rap kinda poem for him at 17 then i got 21 and recorded that vocal as a track,track called last hope regan.From there got some touching inboxes from people telling me they lost family and could relate to me,so i carryed on and started making music videos/frestyles.Year into it got an Sbtv shouts Jamal Edwards and from there things went up and iam here now running my own studio,clothings brand.Also ive done radio sold cds open mics you name it ive defently put work in.The main reason im here for is passion i love music and nothing fills better than when people can relate to me and been throught what i have.As i grown i make more mature music,music for an average person to relate to and fill.I hope for you to be the next person to relate to my music so get your self on my youtube page and have a listen every supporting me I apreciate it to the fullest and people know as iam a humble person and will reach out to everyone 100.


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