Contact Number 07572635103 (Orders can be made over phone)

When Buying Paying for an item there are 2 different formats the first is paypal,send the item,colour,size and then last step pay and your order wil be processed and sent over as soon as possible usely 5 working days,you dnt need a PAYPAL account to buy just simply go onto paypal and put your details in and send to my email adress .The other format is there is the contact form above me u can contact me or simply ring the number i have provided above and order can be be easyly done straight over the phone,and its the same for the cds and booking a studio session.Thanks for your time hope to see you in your MMMO clothing!


My Paypal account email is send the orders to me on there the size,colour and item.You dont have to have a paypal to buy as long as u useing credit card.


Option 3


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